31 January 2019

Strong Roots Veggie Bags - Oven Baked Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin & Spinach Burgers! (@NLi10)

I picked up a bag of frozen beetroot from Strong Roots, a range I’d not tried before, and they were great! Now I have two more slightly more tampered with vegan bags to try. Both in the freezer section and both containing lots of goodness.

First we have sweet potato oven chips. These aren’t as seasoned or oily as the usual brand we have, and are coated in the same barely there rice batter as the beetroot chunks.  Then we have the truly gourmet pumpkin burgers. A lot more processed but more interesting too. Oddly 5 in a bag which doesn’t seem like a normal portion, but that’s because we are a house of two.

This is about half a bag of the frozen fries. If this was also 5 portions for a bag then I guess that’s fair.

And here we see my portion!

Considering I didn’t add oil or any seasoning the burger coloured up well, and had a good texture. I added some beans (edamame) after this but didn’t think to reshoot.  

The burger was firmer than expected and very tasty. Not quite as culinary as some brands like Fry’s but certainly not plain or disappointing. Good textures too. The chips were less crispy than the ones we usually have, but a little closer to the ones we make ourselves. Like the beetroot I think the coating allows them to sizzle a little and we enjoyed them.

I added Nando’s mayo so it wasn’t quite as healthy as it could have been, but I like to think it had some nutritional value!

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