13 January 2019

RITZ - Chickpea Flour Thins - Sour Cream & Chives (@NLi10)

Ritz make crackers - they have done for 85 years according to the logo - but recently they have tried to modernise to keep up with the times.  Here we have a sharing bag (ha!) of chickpea flour thins, which are a slight tweak on the traditional recipe to add some nutrition.

RITZ - Chickpea Flour Thins - Sour Cream & Chives

The bag is three servings, which seems unlikely - I ate half a bag without thinking - but the nutrition values suggest that half a bag is still as good for you as a bag or regular crisps.

As we can see this is another product from the Mondelez brand that owns Cadbury's now, along with a lot of other favourites.  

Are these thin and crispy crackers likely to become a favourite?

Well, despite initial reservations they are pretty good.  I think that you'd be better off sticking these into hummus and having them with other toppings.  I ate them while binge watching American Office, so not quite a dinner party.  Still - they are tangy and satisfying here too.  I think the chickpea is more of a fun change to the recipe than something I'd notice without being told, and sour cream has never been my go-to flavour.  I'd actively seek out other flavours (at 99p a bag at the moment too on Ocado which seems fair for effectively two decent snacks).

Pop these in a bowl at a party, or just sit and eat them as if they were Mini Cheddars - I think they work well eitherway.  And if this is a 'better for you' recipe that doesn't hit the flavour or texture then I'm all for it.

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