4 January 2019

M&Ms Chocolate Eggs (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

M&Ms Chocolate Eggs

I have written here a lot about my frustration with M&Ms in the UK. Knowing that across Europe and America there is a variety of flavoured and seasonal versions of these chocolates I have become very annoyed with the complete lack of interest in developing this any further in the UK. I’ve seen from import shops Birthday Cake flavour, Coconut, Pretzel and even Strawberry With Peanut Butter, in the UK, if we are lucky, we get a new nut, or mainly just specific coloured ones in a bag. However browsing the, dare I say it, Easter section in Waitrose I saw a new M&Ms product and here we have: M&Ms Chocolate Eggs. Okay, so no new flavour, these are just milk chocolate, but there is a new shape. I know, I had to calm myself down with a cup of tea in the Waitrose cafe.

M&Ms Chocolate Eggs

The eggs are at least pretty, they are neatly speckled and imprinted with the trademark “M” on each one. The shell is pleasingly crunchy and the chocolate is the standard one you’d find in the normal chocolates. It isn’t quite as creamy as Cadbury Mini Eggs, but it is still rather nice. These are fun for Easter, I just wish they had gone all out and given us something with a bit more of a wow factor. Any chance of Hot Cross Bun flavour M&Ms next year? Should I start a petition?

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The Purley Girly said...

It makes me so cross too, I wish we had more flavours, even if they were Limited Edition, but a change up would be nice. Maybe there's something in them that doesn't pass our food tests or something, but I wish they'd sort it out!