26 June 2017

M&Ms Limited Edition Peanut & Hazelnut (PoundLand) By @Cinabar

There is actually a new variety of M&Ms out in the UK. An actual new variety, not those silly editions that they bring out at Christmas and Halloween and all they do is have some differently coloured shells, but the same basic product. Think bags of red and green peanut ones at Christmas. That is usually as far as the imagination goes for the UK market, but these ones are actually something different - hazelnut. Obviously they are treading carefully and have mixed half the bag with regular peanut M&Ms so as not to cause too much of a thrill in the UK, new flavour M&Ms are so very rarely seen here.
The bag is very smart and bright, half yellow and green and stands out nicely on the shelf. One thing I did notice is that there is no sticker on the bag to re-seal it, I took this to mean they are trying to tell me subliminally to eat the whole bag in one go. I did too - but I did share! ;-)
There seemed to be loads of the M&Ms in the pack, it was a very generous portion. Obviously I tried to see if I could work out which were peanut and which were hazelnut, but as both came in big or small I couldn’t work it out, there did seem to be about half and half though. The hazelnut edition was absolutely lovely. The distinctive hazelnut flavour worked very well with the chocolate and was a very enjoyable combination. The hazelnut has a slight hint of bitter to it, but this is nicely balanced with the chocolate. I thought they worked very well, so well in fact I’m hoping they get a release in the UK of a pure hazelnut bag, I’m sure we could handle the excitement.

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