11 June 2017

Disappointment Wars - on Tour! Romanian crisps in Italy (@NLi10)

Italian snack food isn't all that reviewable - it's either standard euro fare or something you'd sit down and eat with friends. Then, tucked away inspotted our old friends the Gusto surprise crisps. Yay!

Alongside they had another brand that I'd not seen before, and they were still very cheap.

Here they are in front of one of Florences many many many churches.

The crisps inside were slightly nicer. Not nice enough to eat. And not nice enough for the birds to. BOther finishing either.  We chose a blue bag for a boy in the hope of a transforming car.

A pull back and go airplane is pretty cool. I'm rsure viewing this out of sequence as it shows up in a fair few of my holiday snaps - it's a fun little thing to have.

Disappointment score: Not Dissapointing!

I managed to eat some of the crisps due to added salt, and the toy is a keeper.  I think I'm going to halt with the crisps and toy bags from romania 
 As it's unlikely to get better than this.

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