27 June 2017

Twix Cappuccino (Poundland) By @Cinabar

I think that pound shops are a surprisingly good at supplying interesting snacks. Not only do they get a lot of new products quite early, they also have very affordable import goodies. I often keep my eyes open in there for new items, and that its where I found this Limited Edition Twix Cappuccino. As it was a bit warm the chocolate on my bar was a little smudge, so I didn’t get a decent photo of the insides, but it did look just like a regular twin bar of Twix, with the two sticks inside.
The aroma was very mild, chocolate wth a hint of some coffee to show it was a Limited Edition.
The flavour is where this bar succeeds though, the Cappuccino element worked magically.
The coffee flavour wasn’t too strong, but it was very much present and reminded me of coffee creams. Coffee and chocolate just work well together, and the more common place the matching of these flavours become, the happier I will be. I loved the addition of the milky coffee flavour to the Twix, and that combined with the crunchy biscuit, gooey caramel and milk chocolate and I was in heaven. This Twix Cappuccino bar with a coffee is the perfect afternoon pick me up.
I mentioned that these were in Poundland, well that is the other magic of the store, I got three of these for my one pound coin, I don’t think you can get better value than that.

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Nicole said...

Wish i could try this. It looks yummy