3 June 2017

Wild Bill’s IPA Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

I'm sure Wild Bill Hickok would like the idea of a beer being named after him more than 140 years after he was shot in the back in a saloon in Deadwood before he could play his 'dead man's hand'. From reading up on him he definitely liked his notoriety from being everything from a wagon master to gunfighter to professional gambler and actor in his lifetime. He was one of the coolest characters in the American Old West, and richly deserves to be remembered.

This 5% volume IPA was brewed by Marston's Brewery especially for Aldi. The 500ml bottle mentions biscuity malts and spicy crystal rye malt, as well as American hops that were used in the brewing to add a peppery and citrus flavour. On opening this amber beer I could certainly smell the 'biscuit' malt with a fruity citrus undertone at the back of the aroma. On flavour there's the malted barley to start with which mixes well with the spicy sweet rye malt. This is closely followed by the fruity citrus zest from the American hops and an almost peppery spicy kick into the afternoon. Just like Wild Bill's Navy Colt six shooters firing off somewhere in a saloon in the sky!

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Anonymous said...

A very nice hoppy drink with lovely flavours.