5 June 2017

Coffee Spritzer Drink (Marks&Spencer) By @Cinabar

This new drink from Marks and Spencer is essentially a coffee flavoured pop. Yes, it is in a posh bottle, and it is definitely aimed at adults, but they say Coffee Spritzer and I hear coffee pop.
The bottle was even sealed like a wine bottle with a wrapper around the twist lid. The drink is brown in colour and I poured some into glasses, it fizzed as I did this. I took a sip, and got a bit lost for words. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Of course that attitude isn’t great for a review blog, so let me try and explain. There is an initial hit of bitter coffee, like the flavour is about to go somewhere, and then the water takes over and the flavour never gains momentum and is just washed away. It leaves in the mouth a strange taste on the taste buds, vaguely like sweet coffee, but it isn’t pleasant as it so watered down. The fizzy bubbles reminded me that something almost happened. Weirdly, I’d put this down as a frustrating drink, and I’m afraid I didn’t manage to finish my glass.
As you can imagine Marks and Spencer food hall is a favourite place of Foodstuff Finds. There are usually items that are different and intriguing and they should be praised for their spirit of adventure. This means they are willing to give things that are a bit different a go, to be fair they have a lot more hits than misses, but this new Coffee Spritzer has left me blank on finding nice things to say.
Give me an iced latte any day ahead of this. Heck, I’d rather have water.


Lisa said...

Hmm, does not sound appealing to me. I can't see how that combination could work really! I bet most people will buy once out of curiosity, then never again. And the few people who absolutely loved it will be sad when it's discontinued :)

cinabar said...

Yes think that is about right. Some people must have loved it for it to get through product testing stages.