8 June 2017

Come Fly With Me - Belgian Airways complementary in flight food (@NLi10)

I'm off on my holidays again which gives me a good excuse to continue the series of reviewing the things that airlines give us to keep us quiet.

We seemed to luck out and end up with some kind of premier package on our recent Belgian Airways flights via Brussels - and because we flew in and out at breakfast time we got two breakfasts - win!

Firstly you get this cute little box with what appears to be maybe penguins on the front, and then you can have a nice cold drink - and also a hot drink. This was unexpected as we usually don't even end up with free food. On the first flight I stuffed all the food in my bag, and just had a drink as I'd had a massive Breakfast at Girraffe. For the second flight I chose the regular Coke and the green tea with lemon and did it properly.

 The box contained a croissant and a yogurt from a selection of flavours (mine were passionfruit and raspberry) and an assortment of small confusing tubs. One was like a very runny butter which I tried adding to the croissant with no success at all - just too watery.  The other was an 'alright but weird cheese' according to the girls.

Being able to choose a green tea with lemon was the highlight - even though I really should have only put half of the lemon in...In combination with the Belgian dark chocolate this was fab.

The in flight croissant wasn't that amazing, but the one that I ate the following day for breakfast was perfectly fine, that's the problem with eating in the air - the tastes just aren't as strong.  I think that the yogurts had been especially chosen to be stronger and didn't suffer as much, both were fine.

We always choose our flights based on time to fly and price, so this was a nice surprise. More decent complimentary in flight food please!

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