15 June 2017

Italian late night Snacks (by @NLi10)

One night in Italy we timed our food badly as Siena isn't as late night as Florence and all of the restaurants had closed. To avoid going to bed too hungry (we had a massive lunch) we visited a tabacco shop and raised the snacks.

Seen here with the surprise plane for scale.

The Twix was just a regular Twix but the others were new to us.

The crisps were the fantastic waffle cones we had abroad before, a vegetarian smokey flavour with a lovely crunch. Would have been better with the salt and chocolate of Norway but at least we could afford these.

They did not last long at all.

I think that the Nutella B-ready is a breakfast bar but as a late night snack it was good too. The bready outside has a Nutella filling with flakes too and was really nice.

It didn't crumble either so was a good way to eat this while out or sitting on a hotel bed.

Both things I'd happily eat again if I saw them in the uk!


Anonymous said...

I bought the Nutella things in Asda this week

NLi10 said...

Cool - they must be slowly launching over here too. Have to get some more.