22 June 2017

Staying cool with Italian Euro Ices (@NLi10)

In the UK it's hot at the moment, hot enough for absolutely everyone to be gloriously unprepared.  People are rushing out to buy a fan, and hoping that it's going to stay hot enough to use it for longer than a week.  It's mad!

In Italy it was warmer than this, and for longer, but they are better prepared with air-con and bigger fans, and a large selection of ices available wherever you look.  In fact the ices are more of an indoor thing because in the direct sun they melt pretty fast!

On our camp site we had a lot of exciting options, and I didn't get to try anywhere near as many as I wanted - here are just a selection.

This is a big Cornetto by anyones standards.  You know how big a Cornetto felt when you were a child?  Thats how big this actually is.

This is a lovely tub of ice-cream and fruity bits.  Not quite as indulgent, but equally cooling and lovely.

And look at that - they both actually resemble the pictures!  There were so many more nuts and bits of chocolate than I'd expected - I guess it's all scaffolding to hold in the melty goodness.

This was more like a Magnum, but with more layers and flavours going on.  I didn't have one of these myself but they looked good.

Gelato Break!  We had many different flavours of gelato over the week - but as you can see they melt as soon as they scoop them out so you are better off with the little tubs.  This raspberry was great with actual fruit and seeds, but the gelato laboratory in Marina de Pisa had loads of fun flavours too.  Much more affordable than the UK too.

This was a great one - can't decide whether you want an ice pop or an ice-cream? Have both! And coat them in chocolate and nuts too - why not - you're on holiday!!

Like a cherry freezer stick trapped in a Feast this was a fun ice cream, even though it did melt a little oddly because of the layers.  Could have done with a nicer flavour in the middle too - but hey, it kept me cool and that was the main thing.

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