29 June 2017

Professional Soya Drinker (@NLi10)

My local shop sells Soya milk for people like me that try to keep tabs on the dairy intake, and for some reason they picked up a batch of this one week - Soya for Professionals.

Always on the look out for something that I need to buy anyway but can review and took it home. I know that the ones they use in my Costa in the cinema are similarly badged so my natural assumption was that this was a thicker catering grade stuff, designed specifically for coffee.

The back is fairly standard and gave no clues as to why amateur Soya users should stay away. I took it to work to have in hot drinks presuming it's too much to go on cereal at home. In fact here is what I have at home at the moment.

My favourite - the super low calorie almond unsweetened (seriously - if you want to drink milk but lose weight then switch to this exact one) and the regular Soya.

And here we have the vital statistics. 

We got a new coffee maker at work so I tried the professional Soya with this and it worked like a charm.


It's got exactly he same nutritional qualities as the regular Soya above! Now, whether the international languages and coffee based packaging means there is a slight tweak the o the flavour part of the mix, it does nothing to the actual nutrition.  I'd been fooled by the packaging! Now I'd do a blind taste test, but for that I'd have to brong a carton of the regular Soya to work 

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