20 June 2017

Pipers Crisp Co - Wild Thyme & Rosemary (House of Fraser) By @Cinabar

After a busy shopping trip we decided to stop at the cafe in House of Fraser for a spot of lunch, we chose sandwiches and crisps to keep us going. The selection of crisps was quite interesting they stocked a range of Piper’s crisps which are actually quite hard to find in mainstream shops. I’ve never seen the flavour Wild Thyme and Rosemary before, so they were the easy lunch option for me. The fact that the crisps were in a pretty lilac bag only added a little influence. ;-)

The crisps were a nice thickness, firm and crunchy but not hard. I don’t like overly thick crisps, so these were just right for me. The crisps were dusted with seasoning, plenty of herbs and specks of red, which after reading the ingredients on the back I realised were tomato.
Taste wise these really were quite special. It was all about the Rosemary, they had such an amazing fragrant herby taste, and were absolutely divine. The flavour from the herbs was just so different, and they hit the spot perfectly. After the primary rosemary flavour hit, the thyme followed then a nice mix of sweet and salty from the tomato and the salt. The flavour was complex, but together the ingredients had a complete wow factor, perfectly balanced and such good herby flavours. They had me checking supermarkets online to see who stocks them. I came up blank, so I’m going to have to pop back to House of Fraser and get some to take out!

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