18 June 2017

The leaning soft drinks cans of Pisa (@NLi10)

Our holiday in Italy took us to many amazing sights - including this one The Leaning Can Of SanPellegrino!

As you can see tourists are flocking to pretend to hold the can upright and push it over.

Even I look shocked to see it!

In reality these luxury soft drinks that I only really see in restaurants in the UK are quite common in Italy, and it's great!  I get to drink top end fizzy fruit at a reasonable price - a Euro for a can is not too shabby.  I love the lemon and orange flavours and they do seem to help keep me hydrated in this sun.

They also go really well with luxury pizzas.  I was worried that at this particular location I'd be paying tourist tax and not getting something that was worthy - but this was the best Pizza of the trip.  A lovely mix of meats, rocket and just enough cheese to add flavour without making it a salty mess.  Bellissimo!

I also got to try the other main soft drink that I lived on Lemon Soda.  This is maybe a little less sweet than the San Pel, but that just means It's more of an accessible drink for everyday use.  Not something I'd need to seek out back home, but I'll certainly be drinking more when I go back to Italy some day.

I even took a picture of the can for you all!

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