30 June 2017

Savoursmiths Truffle and Rosemary Potato Crisps (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I don’t normally mention prices on Foodstuff Finds. Generally we don’t spend a lot of money to buy products to write about, a packet of crisps here and a chocolate bar there, we don’t tend to buy the really expensive items. That said, I went to Waitrose and I bought this bag of sharing crisps, and the price was £2.99, which I think might be the most expensive bag of crisps I’ve bought, so I felt it worthy of a mention.
So why are these nearly £3, well it seems they are flavoured with truffle, that remarkable rare and expensive mushroom. They are also from a range of luxury brand, and to be fair all the packs seemed quite expensive.

Inside the bag the crisp are fairly thickly cut, and hard and crunchy. The skins are on, and all the crisps looked quite small compared to others I’ve tried. Small crisps aren’t that odd, but I couldn’t see any large crisps in the bag at all.
I have to admit the flavour was very tasty. The rosemary gave this a lovely summery fresh herb taste, and the truffle added a nice rich taste of mushroom. Think herb butter coated mushrooms and you won’t be far off. They are not to strong but mushroom flavouring on crisps really worked, and the rosemary gave them such a good tangy finish, I did enjoy the bag.
These crisps are ideal if you want to have them out during a very posh barbecue and you want to impress. They have a place, but sadly at the price it isn’t everyday snacking. They are an occasion crips, and I look forward to thinking up an occasion to have them again.

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