16 November 2010

M&M's Pretzel [USA] (CyberCandy)

The first thing that caught my eye on the packet of the M&Ms was in the bottom left hand corner, were it said: 150 Calories Per Pack. I thought that was pretty impressively low, especially for a product that doesn’t even seem to be claiming to be ‘healthier’ on the packaging.
I opened up the bag and have to admit that there wasn’t that many M&Ms inside it, the picture shows the full amount, and yes there are surprisingly large number of blue ones!
Each chocolate consists of a ball of pretzel, surrounded by milk chocolate and covered in the usual M&Ms crunchy shell.
The pretzel flavour tastes like a ball of savoury biscuit, with a light salty edge. I love the mix of salt and chocolate, so these were a complete win for me. Writing this sort of blog I rarely re-purchase goodies as I’m always after something new to try. It has to be said I popped back and picked up another four bags for the store cupboard, for emergencies you understand.
I just loved the crunchy texture and the combination of savoury and sweet, it is just a really moreish M&M variety. I will cross my fingers that it comes out on release in the UK, but until then I will be a regular at the import stores. Yum!


  1. Oh ever since I saw a review of these on Candyblog I wanted to try them! They should really release thos in the UK (as a permanent Christams gift to the lovers of sweet/salty things) instead of just selling special Christmas coloured standard peanut ones...That's not very creative *pouts*

    They sound really nice!

  2. Just spotted that they sell them on amazon.co.uk too!!!

    I know what you mean about the UK editions being just regular products re-packaged... so wish we got more Limited Editions over here.

  3. Ah yes, you're right! Lots of other cool flavours too. Unfortuntely each sold by a different seller.... So shipping costs for a bit of chocolate would be insane. :-( Checked cybercandy, and there a lot of the flavours are sold out. :( They have the Pretzel ones, but I can't really justify the costs of pp for a few M&Ms. Might make a bigger pruchse at some other time.

  4. I find the best thing on amazon is to find a seller that is selling the item you want - then click their name, and click the link through to their storefront. See what else you can get, and if there are a few items it makes the p&p more justifiable.
    All the prices of import choccies are high, and I know I shouldn't, but I just have problems resisting... ;-)
    Is there a branch of CyberCandy near you? At least that way you avoid the P&P? There are branches in London, Birmingham and Brighton.

  5. No none near me. But I didn't know about there being one in London! Guess that's another place I will have to put on my list for shopping when visiting a friend in London next year. :-)


  6. No probs - their shop is in Covent Garden, so it is a nice place to visit anyway.

  7. Oh I've been wondering what the blue packet in the tv ad for ages was.

  8. The blue packet in the UK are 'Crispy' which is a puffed rice filling, but the blue American packs are the 'Pretzel' ones. The crispy ones were replaced by pretzel ones the States, but I still think we are unlikely to find them on general release in the UK any time soon.


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