28 November 2010

Neuro Sonic - Mental Performance Drink {by @NLi10} (by Moor Street Station)

This weekend I went to see the new Harry Potter Movie (well the first half of it) at the IMAX at Millennium Point, Birmingham and had been saving a bag of special Corn Again pop-corn to eat and review especially for this cinema event. Unfortunately I forgot to take it. On the way to the IMAX I spotted the full range of the crazy health drinks I picked up in London (I reviewed the Neuro Bliss drink before) and decided that the most suitable one was the Sonic one which says:

"stay energised, focused and alert with modern science's greatest blend of natural mental performance enhancers"

While weaker than the mana & health potions I'd reviewed before this sounded like something that I could enjoy with a big visceral movie.

The taste is similar to the bliss drink, but I'd say a little closer to normal energy drinks. It's quite a mild flavour, almost watery, but there are loads of interesting and unidentifiable aftertastes that float around. It definite started to kick in around the half-hour mark and once the big battles and flying scenes were underway I was experiencing a higher level of alertness and a little bit of twitchiness too. The drink does have a lot of caffeine in so this probably explains the majority of this.

I think that this would help with late night work sessions, especially when motivation is low, but I'm guessing while alertness is good concentration is also necessary.

Due to a housemate returning in the very early hours of the morning I was woken at about 3 and didn't get back to proper sleep for hours. Even then my sleep and half-awakeness was filled with odd visions and strange dreams as if my body was quite tired but my brain was up and eager to play. As I drank this between 4-6pm and had a large Chinese meal afterwards I hadn't expected it to have lasted that long. Maybe it reacted with the additives in the food.

It's a pleasant tasting drink and the bottle as ever is quite pretty. At almost £2 a go it's not quite a drink to go to every time you are thirsty, but I'm sure that if I'd have drunk it before leaving the house I'd have been alert enough to have not forgotten my popcorn. Expect a home DVD based review of that soon...
by @NLi10

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