11 November 2010

Dorset Cereals- Fantastically Fruity Roasted & Toasted Muesli {by @NLi10} (Sainsbury's)

I love cereals, I love mixed up cereals with bits in them, but I hate raisins and sultanas.

Very few muesli type cereals don't have dried grapes in them, except for the chocolate based ones (which I keep forgetting to review...) which leads to excitement bordering on boy-band proportions when I find one unexpectedly. This one is a fine example, as Ms. NLi10 bought me a pack of 6 Dorset Cereals all of which had hidden raisins in them, but redeemed herself amply by spotting this hidden in their range at Sainsbury's. I'd found a couple of normal Dorset Cereals with no raisins but only their plainest muesli fitted the bill (I add cranberries :) ).

Essentially it has loads of fruity fruit in it (cranberries, mango, dates, raspberries to name but four) but none of the dreaded articles. The grain types are nice too. I was a bit wary about the dates and slipped a few of mine into my partner's bowl before bringing them upstairs but needn't have worried. The balance of fruits to grain is not one I'm used to as I like a lot more cereal in my cereal, but this actually works. It becomes a very chewy experience and is a great weekend cereal for when you have time to enjoy breakfast.

I've not been back for a second helping yet (I've only had them for one weekend) but was enthused enough by the experience to write about all the other cereals I've been holding back on. I'd put this at the top of the health cereal tree, next to Lizzi's Apple Granola and above the standard offerings.

Of course, if you are one of those people who actually like raisins etc. you may have different experiences of this section of the supermarket, but I'm sure there are other fruits that people dislike, and due to its fruity nature they may be hiding in here waiting to catch you out instead.
by @NLi10


Rodzilla said...

I tried the fruit, nuts, and seeds variety. I really liked it, but then again I'm a huge fan of raisins and sultanas.

Are these expensive in the UK? I've seen them for ~6 USD...sort of up there, but it is health food.

cinabar said...

They are one of the luxury brands. The box is smaller than other cereals and costs around £3.50, but that aught to be less than $6.
Lucky Charms retail at £6 here though :-o