17 November 2010

Chunky Chocolatey Jumbles [By Spectre] (Thorntons)

This 80g bag of chocolates is Thorntons’ answer to Mars’ Revels. There’s no orange, coffee or peanuts here, but instead, fudge, raisins and toffee balls. On the pack a subtitle draws you in with “I’m really yummy”. There are three sizes of chocolates in the bag. I could certainly agree with the subtitle when the first medium sized chocolate Jumble I picked happened to have a sweet soft fudge filling. The second larger chocolate didn’t have a Malteser filling, but a very hard toffee that took some chewing and made me fear for my fillings. After prizing the first toffee out of between my teeth I tried a second attempting to lightly chew and suck the toffee instead. This seemed to work better, but took ages and still made me fear for my fillings. The smallest chocolates in the pack were the raisin filled chocolates. These sweets were very small and just tasted unsurprisingly like raisins covered with milk chocolate. Revels generally have a flavour or two that people try to avoid, with only three flavours and one that I enjoyed; I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy Jumbles again. With a stark warning on how hard the toffee was, I passed the rest of these around the office. My fillings breathed a sigh of relief!
By Spectre


Anne said...

I tried several Thorntons products earlier this year wanting to see what this traditional British company had to offer and was seriously disappointed!

Since then, I came across several reviews for Thorntons produtcs which weren't exactly positive as well... So I am not too surprised that apparently this product doesn't really get your thumbs up either...

It seems that Thorntons doesn't quite deliver the standard it used to anyore?

cinabar said...

To be honest we haven't really featured much of the Thornton brand on this site. I think I will have a wander into one of their shops and pick up a few items, and then come up with an opinion.

I have nostalgia for Thornton's Continental chocolates as they have such a feel of Christmas about them, we always had a box at that time of year.