22 November 2010

Kendal Jack Smith’s Pumkin & Orange Flapjack (Tebay Services)

Firstly if you are ever in Cumbria on the M6, for goodness sakes stop at the Tebay Services. I really haven’t seen anywhere like it before. It has a huge delicatessen and an out of this world food shop, the selection is astounding. It feels like it shouldn’t be on a motorway, but it is, I only wish I lived nearer as it would be a regular place to visit. I purchased all manner of goodies from there so do expect to see them all reviewed very soon.
Flapjacks are rarely my first choice of snack as I fear finding a stodgy cake. Having said this I just couldn’t resist such an interesting flavour, Pumpkin & Orange. I had been needlessly worrying about the texture, this flapjack was filled with oat goodness but offset by the moist nature of the bar. The flavour is mainly that of oranges and golden syrup, which do make a lovely mix. There isn’t much pumpkin taste, and I wonder if the pumpkin refers simply to pumpkin seeds.
Even without the presence of any pumpkin flavour, I still thoroughly enjoyed this flapjack. The zesty orange just adds such a good balance to the taste, and worked surprisingly well with the oats. I do hope I can discover some other products from this brand as this example shows they certainly know what they are doing.


Paulham said...

That shop is an Aladdin's cave but you do need a fat wallet.

NLi10 said...

Orange & Flapjack are two great words that should be combined together as often as possible.

cinabar said...

Paulham - very true! Sadly I found it on the way back from a holiday, so was already spent up... had to scrape the last of my pennies together.

NLi10 - It certainly worked for me, and I'm not even that much of flapjack fan - but this was seriously good. :-)

cinabar said...

Matthew - We are thinking about going back that way in April, so many thanks for all your regional tips. I'll certainly taken them on board and report back. :-)