14 November 2010

Top Banana Porridge {by @NLi10} [Rude Health]

Occasionally I get a food parcel from Cinabar with products in for me to review, or just ones where we got given more samples than one family can eat. This porridge was one of these, possibly included due to the banana content.

I first tried this product some weeks ago and Ms. NLi10 made a bowl for me and I didn't really enjoy it. It just seemed to be a massive amount of food for one person to eat so early in the morning. I eventually got through it and discovered that my general dislike of the breakfast was due to the fact I was coming down with the flu. I spent the next week in bed, and barely did anything at all (except for fall down a few stairs and play a few kids games on the Xbox).

Because of this I didn't go back to the box for a while and was wary that I would forever associate porridge with becoming ill. Bravely I decided this morning to give the porridge another go, but decided to use 40g of oats instead of the recommended 50g.

After microwaving and stirring I let it cool and set a bit and then had my first proper taste. Still too hot and not sweet enough. I decided to add some sugar to it as I tend to like things a little sweeter and tried again. The oats are lovely and soft, the banana tastes like the actual fruit in a desert of some kind and overall it's really nice. It was still too hot though but unlike Goldilocks I couldn't just mix the porridge that was too hot with the other porridges to make it edible so I carried on surfing the internet and listening to 6 Music until the temperature had dropped to very warm instead of piping hot.

This was far more my style, I could happily eat away and 40g turned out to be not enough to satisfy my hunger. The texture of school porridges was nowhere to be found, and even with leaving it to cool it never became mush and still had a chewiness that was enjoyable. I'll certainly be eating this on weekends as it's a bit time consuming for someone as rushed as I am in the mornings, and as the winter draws in I may even appreciate the added heat. I think that I could get back into porridge as a breakfast, as even though I miss the ice cold milk part of the experience there is a certain draw to the sustaining oaty goodness.
by @NLi10

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