7 November 2010

Channa Chaat {by @NLi10} (Hall Green Hindu Temple)

As part of local Diwali celebrations I visited Hall Green Hindu temple. After giving thanks to Lakshmi we were escorted to the food tent where there was a choice of seasonal dishes. I decided to go for the Channa Chaat as it had pomegranate sprinkled on the top. The Mountain Dew energy drink is none traditional, but I hadn't had chance to try it yet. The snack itself is multi layered and has crispy pastry, mint, yogurt, as well as lots of other mysterious things. While there is a spicy hit, the flavours are fantastic and the mixtures of textures are great. I managed to finish it with no issues, and my side of samosa that I had too. Thanks to Vijay for inviting me. :)
by @NLi10

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