12 November 2010

Norfolk Bloody Mary Crisps [Pipers]

Pipers are a brand I first heard about because of the Specialty & Fine Food Fair, and thought they deserved a bit of a shout out on the site. Bloody Mary is a bit of a strange flavour for a packet of crisps, but I have to confess that is why it caught my eye. Essentially a Bloody Mary, in its liquid form, consists of tomato juice, vodka and some sort of spice usually Tabasco or Worcestershire Sauce.
Given that we are talking about crisps, it seems fair to assume that the vodka element won’t be making its presence known, which leaves us with a spicy tomato as the main flavour.
The underlying potato is thick and crunchy and it delivers a satisfying bite. It is nice to be able to taste the potato, and this really added to the overall quality of the crisps for me. The flavour of the coating is really well put together, I was afraid it might be over sweet from the tomato, but it is a wonderful savoury taste. There is a gentle spice, and a hint an onion that complements the tomato really well.
These are moreish crisps, with a rich tomato taste, and a good quality crunch, I thoroughly recommend them and look forward to trying other flavours in the range.
As footnote Spectre found that these crisps were an excellent addition to a cheese platter, working particularly well with smoked cheese. It’s his new favourite ‘DIY’ Ploughman’s.

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cinabar said...

Certainly an idea! :-) Not the healthiest of lunches, but it does sound fun!