23 November 2010

Pork & Apple Crisps Tyrrells (Tebay Services)

You don’t often see pork flavoured crisps. Sure there are plenty of bacon flavoured ones, from Disco’s through to Red Sky, but this is the first time I’ve seen ‘pork’ as a variety. I feel obliged to mention bacon chocolate here too, but can’t quite think of a totally decent connection...
Back to the crisps! From first taste I was quick to realise that these were something a bit special. The meaty flavour resembles the taste of a fresh pork pie (without the pastry), it is almost juicy and you can almost taste that wonderful meat jelly lurking in the pie. There is a slight sweet flavour as an aftertaste, which adds a hint of apple which works well with the meaty taste. The apple could have been a little stronger, but I think the issue was the crisps were just so fantastically meaty that the pork was the primary flavour.
As ever the texture of these crisps is crunchy, and the crisps are fairly thick cut. The potato base flavour shines through well too, making these a fantastic snack.
Seriously though, how have we not had pork flavoured crisps before? And if you know of some already on the market, do let me know and drop me a comment below.


  1. One of the first things a foreigner notices in British supermarkets is the vast variety of crips you have over her, including some truly crazy flavours. ;-) Some I find rather unappealing (chicken...) but this one sounds really tasty, so I might give them a try at some stage!

  2. Anne - Have you not tried chicken crisps? They are yum! I always love the meaty flavours, but chicken crisps are always one of my favourites.
    These are fab too, such a lovely juicy pork flavour... mmm... okay, now I making myself hungry... ;-)

  3. I have tried the chicken crisps and hate them. They taste like a chicken stock cube. *g*

  4. You say "chicken stock cube" like its a bad thing! :-D
    What your favourite flavour? I also like the spicy chilli ones - Nandos crisps are ace :-)

  5. Sensations did some pork based flavours a few years back (IIRC)

  6. Nothing against chicken stock cubes for making chicken stock when nothing better is on hand. But why someone would eat crisps which taste as if chewing on such cube is beyond me. ;-)

    I am pretty boring, I like salt&vingear but also found the haggis and tomato varities from McKies to be rather nice.

  7. Anon - I don't remember them, but we have only been doing the blog for a couple of years, guess it was before then.

    Anne - Guessing your not a Bovril fan either? ;-)
    When we were in Scotland we picked up a bag of Mackies Haggis crisps - and I had forgotten about them!!! Oh my, they are still in the cupboard! Will be reviewing them very soon. :-)


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