30 November 2010

Creamy Brie & Cranberry Crisps [Christmas Special] (Boots)

Boots isn’t a place I associate with interesting flavours of crisps, although I have enjoyed several in the Shapers range, generally the flavours are quite easy going. I might pick up a bag of Salt and Vinegar Spirals with my meal deal, but it isn’t one of the places I expect to find a Foodstuff Find. Consequently I was pleasantly surprised to discover this Limited Edition Christmas flavour on their shelves, and I was rather impressed that it was such a brave choice of variety.
The underlying crisp has a decent crunch, and although thicker than Walkers, it didn’t feel as thick as a Tyrrells. I felt that there was still a nice bite, and the cut was enough to allow the potato taste to shine though. Their hand cooked nature also gave them a nice rustic feel.
The actual flavouring of these crisps is remarkable. The main flavour is a sweet cranberry taste, which is unusual but it does work very well. The secondary taste is the cheese, it is quite clever and does mimic creamy brie surprisingly well. I can’t explain just how refreshing it is to try a cheese flavour crisp that doesn’t have that generic crisp ‘cheesiness’ these really do have a clever taste. Finally there is a slight salty edge left in the mouth, giving them a moreish tang.
I never thought a sweet cranberry flavour of crisp would work, but I have to say these crisps are genius. The sweet flavour is followed by the savoury making them a very special taste sensation. I really do hope to see more like this from Boots, they clearly have hidden talents!

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