1 November 2010

Aero Limited Edition Dark and Galaxy Smooth Truffle (Tesco Exclusives)

I live somewhere which is nowhere near a proper branch of Tesco. There aren’t many people in the UK that can say that, so for me a trip to Tesco is a very much pre-planned grocery shop, usually correlating with an offer on cheap beer for Spectre.
While we were there at the weekend I was very pleased to find two bars which appear to be Tesco exclusives, the Galaxy Smooth Truffle and the Aero Limited Edition Dark.

Aero Limited Edition Dark
When I saw this in Tesco my first thought was of the surprisingly good 70% Canadian Aero bar which I found at CyberCandy last year. This bar was of a milder 50% cocoa, and a very different chocolate. It was however nice, sweet and with a richer cocoa flavour than the regular version.
It was an easy to eat bar, reminiscent of Bournville chocolate. This sort of chocolate is the forgotten dark chocolate, it seems acceptable to have milk chocolate but dark chocolate with less than 65% cocoa seems frowned upon. It is a shame, the richer flavour and the sweetness does work well together and this made for a really nice afternoon treat with a coffee.

Galaxy Smooth Truffle
This new Galaxy bar caught my eye due the new hint of blue on the packaging and the light blue foil showing through at the edges of the bar. Galaxy is a seriously rich sweet and creamy experience in its usual form. This Tesco exclusive bar is filled with a smooth truffle filling, which adds nicely to the indulgence. The filling has the Galaxy chocolate flavour but its silky texture really adds to the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed its sweet creamy tones and soft centre but as it is a rich bar I felt that one strip of chocolate was plenty for a treat. A bar to be savoured and one for those moments when you want a little taste bud luxury.


Amy said...

oh my gosh i need to get myself to tesco tomorrow for an areo dark.... that sounds ideal! mmmm :)

Anonymous said...

And i'll be in tesco tomorrow hunting a galaxy smooth truffle!


Amy said...

ok it's been taste-tested I didn't really like areo dark.... :(

I know they've been out months, maybe years, but I've only just discovered roundtree randoms and I'm all over them like a rash at the moment!

cinabar said...

Louise - What did you think of the bar? I thought it was a lovely silky chocolate bar.

Amy - sorry you weren't keen. Did you try the Galaxy as well? If you live near any import shops (like CyberCandy) see if you can track down the 70% dark Aero - yum!