10 November 2010

QQ Orange and Grape flavour sweets [By Spectre] (China)

A friend on Xbox Live called sent me these jellies from China. After a bit of digging online I managed to find out these are made in Taiwan by Want Want who started out in 1962. I first burst open the orange flavour. The 70g packet is filled with 1cm wide orange coloured jelly shells, although I later realised these were supposed to be slices of orange. The jellies are very soft, with a good orange tang and dangerously moreish. They also make you want to shove as many of them in your mouth at the same time to see how many you can fit in and eat. Once I’d eaten one packet I wanted another and another. I hungrily tried to rip open the grape flavoured packet, and realised that my fingers were strangely greasy from the orange flavour, not sticky, but slippy in a way that I couldn’t get a grip on the grape packet. On violently knifing the packet in my desperation for more Taiwanese squidginess I noticed lots of purple grape-bunch shaped sweets the same size as the orange jellies. It was then that I realised the orange sweets were not shell shaped at all. Shoving the grape flavoured jellies in my mouth I was at first disappointed that they weren’t the orange flavour and then a little confused due to the fact that they tasted more blackcurrant than grape. Nevertheless there is a grape flavour there and these grape jellies, although to my chargrin not orange flavoured, were almost as moreish. I now have to go cold turkey on the orange until I can beg Farley to send me another batch. Maybe I’ll have to stop setting him on fire in Left4Dead? Nah…
By Spectre

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