15 November 2010

Taste The difference Chocolate: Costa Rican Coffee / Raspberry (Sainsburys)

Here is a bit of an update for two of the new Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference chocolate range bars.

Belgian Milk Chocolate With Costa Rican Coffee
I unwrapped this bar and felt that it looked appetising, which a rich brown colour and neatly moulded stripes. When I broke a piece in half, the coffee could be identified as granules throughout the chocolate. They looked a little like instant coffee granules, dissolving easily, rather than being hard pieces of coffee bean. The scent from the bar was surprisingly mild, there was a simple sweet aroma with just light cocoa tones.
The chocolate was quite soft to break, and likewise on the tongue it was silky smooth. It melted easily in the mouth revealing luscious cocoa and coffee tones and the chocolate was wonderfully creamy. The coffee worked really well with the chocolate flavour, thankfully not over powering it. This was a really nice chocolate bar, and one for coffee lovers. Since Lindt discontinued their Coffee Intense this does make a nice replacement, I just hope Sainsburys release a dark chocolate version too.

Swiss White Chocolate With Raspberry
When I pulled this bar out of its wrapper, I noticed a creamy white chocolate speckled pink. The pieces were big and flat, but it was only when I turned one over that I notice the bright pink base. The colour coming from a generous helping of freeze dried raspberry pieces all hiding underneath.
Due to the nature of the raspberries, they do add a light crunch to the chocolate which does feel a little weird, but isn’t unpleasant. The natural taste well and truly makes up for this with its zingy fresh flavour. The white chocolate surrounding the raspberries is very creamy and flavoursome. On its own it would make for a very rich bar but the fruit balances it out well. The bar has a lovely mix of flavours, and this is definitely another success for Sainsbury’s.

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