19 November 2010

Duchy Originals Chocolate Thins [Dark & Orange] (Waitrose)

Both of these chocolates are part of the new expansion of Duchy Original’s products in Waitrose. They have always stocked a selection of the Duchy’s range, but any expansion is a good thing as it means more luxury organic goodies to try!

Dark Chocolate
First up we have the dark chocolate thins, which are made with a 74% chocolate with cocoa from the Dominican Republic. Each chocolate is an irregular circle, forming a chocolate thin. I broke one in half and it had a nice sharp, crisp snap. The flavour was very dark and deep, with hints of nuttiness. It was an intense flavour, and would be perfect after dinner with coffee, making a very nice way to finish a meal.

These chocolate thins are also made with cocoa from the Dominican Republic, but this time in the form of a 37% cocoa milk chocolate. Also each one of these chocolates is infused with orange oil. Despite being a milk chocolate they still had a nice snap when broken, albeit not quite as sharp as the dark chocolate version. The flavour was absolutely divine, the sweet fresh tones of orange, mingled beautifully with the creamy cocoa and made the perfect nibbling snack. There is an amazing rich and natural orange taste and these choccies are simply heaven. So easy to eat, you would be surprised how quickly the contents of the box just disappears...

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