9 November 2010

New Galaxy Orange & Shortcake (Sainsbury’s)

Well I never, a second new Galaxy bar has found its way onto the shelves! Earlier in the month we found the Tesco exclusive Smooth Truffle bar, so I wasn’t expecting to see another new product from this company for a little while. It was only yesterday that I mentioned that there were too many generic caramel or vanilla bars on the market, and today I find a new interesting fruity orange flavour bar, which was a wonderful surprise.
This new product consist of a base of smooth sweet Galaxy chocolate, and embedded in it are pieces of shortcake biscuit and soft orange. The biscuit adds a lovely crunch, and delivers a surprisingly flavoursome buttery taste. The orange pieces are a bit more like a gummy sweet than actual orange, but they add a really fresh orange taste to the proceedings. It is a well balanced, sweet and zesty bar, and the orange flavour which runs through it adds a warmth to the taste, which is beautifully counter balanced by the buttery biscuit.
This bar was a surprise when I found it, but it was absolutely gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed the fruity flavours and texture of this bar, it is very definitely my current favourite in the Galaxy range.


Unknown said...

Honestly there are a mental amount of 'customer exclusives' being demanded by retailers nowadays! It's the only way brands are being able to maintain shelf space.

cinabar said...

I don't get it - do customers really change supermarket for a choccie bar? I mean I know we would go out of our way for an item, ;-) but the average member of the public?

The Galaxy Orange was so tucked away in Sainsburys too, on a top shelf, at the end of a shelf with no promotion at all... I almost missed it.