2 November 2010

Viennetta Selection [Special Edition] Choco Nut (Waitrose)

Viennetta is a classic ice cream dessert, it is a block of layered and rippled ice cream with crisp chocolate sheets, and it is designed for sharing. Viennetta is usually a creamy white vanilla ice cream with contrasting dark chocolate. Just occasionally they release a Limited Edition flavour, which is always something to get excited about and it really has been too long since the last one.
This wonderfully retro looking box contains the new Choco Nut variety, and it is adorned with stars for the upcoming Christmas market. The ice cream cake inside too is covered in chocolate stars, and it clearly designed as a celebration treat. Regular readers will know about my obsession with chocolate and nut, so can imagine just how much pleased I was to find this.
The creamy ice cream in the centre has a lovely rich hazelnut taste, and the chocolate ice cream works perfectly with it. There are layer of chocolate which crack as the spoon delves in, and add that extra chocolate dose. Finally there are layers of a substance similar to a solid hazelnut praline, it’s crunchy but its flavour is seriously nutty. Wow. If you like chocolate and nut, then you simply must try this. Indulge in its retro feel, and enjoy its wonderful tastes, I thought it was absolute heaven. It will be a sad day when this fantastic ice cream cake ceases production.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word.. I love Viennetta and that one looks amazing! ^_^


Anne said...

Oh, that looks and sounds divine! Didn't buy Vienetta for ages even though I do like it. Think I must have a look out for this in my local Morrisons.

Thanks for the appetising review. ;-)

Anne said...

Oh, and wouldn't it be even more tempting if they would have added in some Christmas spices? Guess, one can't have evrything. ;-)

DeViolet said...

That's a lovely Viennetta! We used to have them in the states, but I haven't seen any in several years.

cinabar said...

Louise - it is my favourite Viennetta ever... but I am biased about chocolate nut flavours! :-)

Anne - Christmas Sipces would indeed have been nice... raisin's and cinnamon would be a good Christmas edition.

DeViolet - It was indeed a lovely Vienetta - they are made by Walls - do you get Walls ice creams in the States?