24 November 2010

Nestle After Eight Bar [By Spectre] [Canada] (CyberCandy)

I haven't met many people in my time that don't like After Eights. They go down very well after a good meal with friends or relatives. I've seen whole boxes of After Eights empty within minutes. There's something about the little paper sleeves they come in. The square slabs of milk chocolate surrounding the gooey runny white peppermint centre that makes me shiver with anticipation when I see a box brought out and opened. The mere mention of the brand name; After Eight, makes my mouth water and yearn to fight over the last one in the box. You can imagine my excitement when I found out they'd released an After Eight bar. On opening the packet I was taken back at how thick the chocolate bar was. Marked in six small thick slabs with After Eight embossed on each one, I started to envisage just how much gooey runny white peppermint Nestle could fit inside each piece. Slightly worried for my shirt and tie by the amount of peppermint I'd imagined, I took my first bite. The peppermint filling the bar was depressingly solid. There was no gooeyness here, no runny stuff, just solid white peppermint. Okay, so it tasted of After Eights, the milk chocolate, the peppermint, but there was something missing. It wasn't the box, the paper sleeves or the squareness of the slabs, but come on Nestle if you're going to make a product traditionally, classically gooey and runny, then please make the bar do the same thing!
By Spectre


Paulham said...

You really like After Eights! MILK chocolate!??
Jeez, it has ALWAYS been dark chocolate.
Milk and mint are not a good combo.

Anne said...

Have to second what Paulham says, isn't the chocolate in After Eights rather of the dark variety (as in all mints I can remember, really)?

I have found that in restaurants after dinner mints have gone out of fashion. At least I don't see them as often anymore as when living in Ireland were some sort of mint came with the bill nearly every time. But just very recently there was one, and it actually was After Eight, my first one in years. And I enjoyed its gooey deliciousness as always! :)

And yes, the bar should be gooey too. But maybe Nestle was concerned about that volume of gooey stuff being too much to handle, being potentially dangerous for freshly washed and ironed white shirts. ;-)

cinabar said...

Ok - just to confirm it is officially dark choc according to the packet. But spectre says it wasn't the usual after eight dark choc and tasted a lot more milky and creamy.

Having said that After Eight did release milk chocolate version in the UK around three years ago, they were in a blue packet, but I don't think they caught on!

When I was a kid we used to go to an Indian restaurant that always gave After Eights with the bill - this was categorically the best part of the meal (if you are aged twelve). :-)

SilentAngel said...

I tried this one when i have been in London a few months ago. Normally i am not a huge fan of After eight but really enjoy this version!

cinabar said...

What other goodies did you try while in London?
Can't believe you are not a fan of After Eights - they rock! ;-)