23 May 2014

Limited Edition UK M&Ms Brazil World Cup [By @Cinabar]

The world cup is coming, it is being held in Brazil and this means that the limited edition goodies are starting to appear on the shelves in the shops.
Excitingly M&Ms UK have a new Limited Edition to celebrate. Now let’s take a moment to think about the interesting options that they may have gone for, after all this is a special new product. One of Brazil’s largest food exports is coffee, this could be a clever connection. Imagine that folks  fabulous cappuccino M&Ms? Or a stronger espresso edition, wouldn’t that be different? Another major export from Brazil is orange juice. Orange M&Ms sound like they could offer a fruity and refreshing summer treat. Imagine a bag of those as you watch the football. America has had a limited edition raspberry flavour in the past, so it’s not an unreasonable bet this could be something with a fruit twist!
Talking of which lets also see if they took inspiration from some of the amazing flavours that get released elsewhere in the world, for example Birthday Cake. Well they could do a ‘celebration cake’ edition, that would be lovely and would sort of fit in. Carrot cake, has also been released over the shores, and Brazil has some spicy cakes flavoured with cloves/cinnamon that could work well with this. Perhaps we will just get something refreshing for the hot weather, like mint or a tropical taste like coconut that just screams summer? Both of those flavour have beed released in other countries.
Okay then, give me  a second to double check what this years Limited Edition UK M&M flavour is in celebration of the World Cup, drum roll please…. It’s… “peanut”. Oh. Like the peanut M&Ms we already have I hear you ask? No don’t be silly, this a UK Limited Edition Brazil World Cup special, so they only included the yellow, blue and green coloured ones. So err actually yes, pretty much just the usual peanut ones then. Whats the point? Are you supposed to try and make the Brazilian flag using them?

This follows an exciting Christmas launch last year in the UK where we got exactly the same M&Ms as usual but just coloured red and green. I couldn’t even be bothered to blog about them. This release has bugged me a bit as you can probably tell, so I committed word to (virtual) paper! Way to go M&Ms UK, you really know how to spoil us here.
For those wanting a taste review, they taste exactly the same as every other peanut M&M you’ve ever had before. *Sigh*
By Cinabar

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Kevs Snack Reviews said...

So disappointing. I keep hoping Mars might actually do a new flavour of M&M's for the UK, but for some reason they seem incapable of it! Even orange flavoured M&M's would make a nice change.