13 May 2014

Weirdoughs Savoury Doughnuts: Salt&Vinegar / Cheese&Onion (@Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

Somebody at Tesco thought it might be an interesting idea to mix mini doughnuts with crisp seasoning. They look like doughnuts, but will taste like savoury flavoured crisps. Obviously this makes for a pretty strange idea, and to the best of my knowledge Tesco is the only supermarket to give it a try. It is the latest of the cake hybrids, and I have no guilt in saying I think it is a bit weird. Tesco agree, that is why they have called them Weirdoughs! There are two flavours, and oh my I couldn’t wait to tuck in…

Salt and Vinegar
For some reason these sounded the tamer of the two varieties. I carefully prised open the paper bag, and took a closer inspection. Yes they looked just like sweet mini doughnuts, but there was an aroma akin to something found in a fish and chip shop and my senses weren’t quite sure what to make of it all.
I carefully took a bite. The doughnut was soft and spongy and has a pleasing texture, but the flavour was distinctly salty with a heavy hit of vinegar, and just to add to the weirdness, slightly sweet too. I spent the first mouthful trying to work out was was going on, by the second I got used to it and the the third (I ate them in three bites) I quite wanted another one! I put this down to my taste buds liking sweet and salty popcorn and just needing to get used to the texture and the vinegar. Odd but nice, far better than I thought it be!

Cheese and Onion
Okay even after my positive experience to the Salt and Vinegar flavour, these ones still took the biscuit for being strange. As I opened up the bag the cheese and onion smell was quite strong, and felt wrong. Cheese and onion, on a doughnut?
I eventually bit in and tried to get used to the flavour. The cheese wasn’t as strong as I’d expected, but the onion was very much present. There was still a hint of sweetness but it seemed milder, as it mingled with the onion it gave them an almost garlic like base flavour. Yet the texture was still soft and cake like. I couldn’t get used to these, the flavour didn’t seem to settle to with me, they felt like doughnuts flavoured like crisps, which I couldn’t get past. Although they didn’t taste as bad as I thought they would, they were surprisingly okay and done as well as Cheese and onion doughnuts could be done.

In conclusion, they are a weird idea but they are quite nice. I preferred the Salt and Vinegar variety because it seemed to work with the texture and base. Sweet and salty is a good combination. I’d buy the Salt and Vinegar again to snack on, but the Cheese and Onion are more for the novelty! I’m looking forward to taking some to work and seeing how the people there get on with them. ;-)
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

The salt and vinegar ones are lush and they now do bacon flavour which I also enjoyed!