22 May 2014

Edo & Sangria Ramune [Review by @NLi10]

In my last FoodStuffFinds article I had a wander around Birmingham in an attempt to buy some Ramune with varying degrees of success.  Here we have the two best examples that I found.  First up is the cheap (at 85p) EDO Ramune.  This is full of artificial goodness and came in two flavours Peach and Blackcurrant.

These are a plastic replica of the Codd bottle style marble stopper, with a little rubber ring holding the marble in place for transit, and a clever double plastic ring system ensuring it doesn't go pop on the way.  This means the marble is highly retrievable and as such isn't that suitable for very small children, but is infinitely more suitable for teenagers as it means no one has to smash the bottle to get the toy.

Flavourwise these are not that special.  They have the flat carbonated water taste that is so distinctive of ramune, with a sweet aftertaste and lingers of the required artificial flavour.  Thankfully there are no additional colours needed to sell this so it's not too chemically, but it's more of a children's drink I feel.  That said - at 85p for 250ml it's not going to break the bank and is a good way to demo to friends both the fun bottle and the style of flavour.

A much better example of the bottle and taste is found here with the Sangria Ramune.  This (as mentioned in the last article) is £2.99 for 200ml so much worse value.  As this is intended for America but imported here it's kind of a strange mix of cultures.  The plum flavour was probably the most unusual, but all three were nice.  The sugar and flavours of these tasted more like I remember ramune tasting, and although with sharing these really didn't go far I think we got our money worth.

The marbles remain trapped inside forever 

Well - if you obey the safety advice anyway!

On balance I think that I'd rebuy the cheaper version sooner - and indeed I have plans to do so as other people want to try the drink (or at least the bottles).  If prices were equal I'd choose the glass bottled version every time.

Now I have to go see if Mt. Fuji do have the original Ramune on their seated diner menu.

Also - if anyone knows where to get hold of the Indian style drink that comes in similar bottles please let us know! I need to venture to a different part of Birmingham and explore the Indian Grocers to see what I can dig up.

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Lisa said...

"Do not place any body parts into the bottle" - I do hope they mean fingers! :S