27 May 2014

PieMinister: Brazilian - Trentham Gardens (@pieminister) [By @Cinabar]

I have heard about Pieminister from NLi10’s reviews on this blog. Although I’ve seen the pies in the supermarkets, I’ve never actually purchased one, I’m ashamed to say. Spectre and I went for day out to Trentham Gardens, and what caught our eye was a Pieminister cafe, and we suddenly new where we were going to have lunch!
The sign on the door declared that there was a new pie in town for the world cup, The Brazilian, so I knew where I was going to start. Spectre looked a little shocked by the amount of choice on the menu, and after perusing it for some time chose the Moo and Blue (beef and stilton).
The ladies in the shop were remarkably excited that I’d ordered the new pie, and were really keen to see what I thought of it. I didn’t even mention the blog, they were just very attentive staff which was lovely, and they were keen to see how the new flavour was going to go down.

I decided to have my pie with a salad, as it was a surprisingly warm day, we even chose a table outside to eat at. Fear not they did of course have the British tradition upheld and mash was available as a side if you wanted it, plus there was indoor tables if the traditional weather were to kick in too!

We didn’t have to wait very long before we were served, again by a very friendly staff member. The pie had beautiful pastry, it was light but buttery and tasty. I think I’m put off the concept of pies for the pastry, always assuming they would be quite stodgy, but this was an absolute pleasure to eat. The filling was fun and well themed for the world cup. It contained a tomato sauce base, with chicken and chorizo mixed in to give it a delicious meaty mix. The tomato sauce left a fab hot spice on the palette, and had a good tingle from the chilli. It turns out the salad was a nice touch to cool down my taste buds afterwards! Spectre was practically at a point of licking his plate he enjoyed his pie so much, so it is fair to say the Moo and Blue went down rather well too.
We had such a fab meal in Pieminister that when were home I had a look online to ensure I ordered some Pieminister pies on the online grocery order, as they had been that good. If you do happen to be having a day out at Trentham Gardens I don’t think you would find a nicer place to eat, or a better selection of freshly cooked pies anywhere to be honest. I can’t wait to try the ones from the supermarket either.
By Cinabar

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