21 May 2014

Mini Pickled Cucumbers (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

These Mini Pickled Cucumbers with onions and peppers in vinegar were produced by Smak in Poland. I noticed there were gherkins in the ingredients, and wondered if mini cucumbers were different. After a quick search I found that gherkins are mini pickled cucumbers, but are called gherkins mainly in the UK and Australia, but not I suspect in Poland. That's why these are called mini pickled cucumbers, when really they are gherkins! There were sliced peppers with lots of pepper seeds floating around ominously in the jar. There were also many mini pickled onions in the jar. The hot pepper taste hadn't transcended to the flavour in the mini pickled cucumbers (gherkins), as there was no noticeable chilli heat to them. Instead the mini pickled onions had won the flavour fight in the jar, as the mini cucumbers (gherkins... okay, I'll stop now) tasted of mini pickled onion as well as having a lovely hint of dill to them. The mini pickled onions funnily enough tasted of mini pickled onions. Even the diced red pepper tasted of mini pickled onions. I found these mini pickled cucumbers (...) to be very tasty and moreish. Both Cinabar and her mom also liked them added to their Sunday lunch platter whilst watching TV. I was also happily munching away at the diced peppers and mini pickled onions even though they seemed secondary in the jar. I'd certainly give a thumbs up to these mini pickled cucumbers (... They are GHERKINS!!).

Information on the label;
300g jar. Per 100g there are 31 calories, with 0.2g of fat. See photograph for ingredients.
By Spectre

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