11 May 2014

Meiji Meltykiss - Winter Limited Fruity Strawberry (Vanguard, Birmingham) [Review by @NLi10]

While doing some research for a future review I took a detour down a part of Birmingham that I don't tend to visit very often and found a new-to-me grocery store called Vanguard which seemed to have a few more Korean items in than usual.  I stocked up - more on that another day - but also spotted a few lone packs of the meiji Meltykiss range.  As I've mainly only had their sticks and do quite like their flavoured goo I decided it was worth a shot.

From the packaging I get the impression that these are meant to be given away or shared - it's not something that you'd keep and eat yourself.  I think then these are intended as a romantic gesture gift, and the very sharable nature and the slightly funny Meltykiss name means that they are a good ice-breaker.

You get 16 mini cubes - each individually wrapped (kitty not included, but the fruity smell attracted 2 out of 3 cats).  Each one is a cocoa coated fruit cube and essentially is like the fondant off a Pocky stick all concentrated into a single sweet.

These are reasonable as they are not too sickly to eat as a single bite, but like a box of Milk Tray you probably wouldn't want to take them to the cinema with you and munch through the whole lot.  The strawberry tastes roughly correct and the chocolate itself is more there as a counter than the main event, but as a whole it's a nice flavour sensation.  The box has the usual 'these may not be vegetarian due to the conditions of manufacture' disclaimer.  I don't think that one will satisfy anyone's appetite though so be prepared to share these as twos.

As a romantic gesture to someone who is a fan of Asian confectionary this is a nice find (and not that expensive considering) and one that can be enjoyed over multiple days.

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