10 May 2014

CITRA Beer [@OakhamAles] (By @SpectreUK]

Oakham Ales were the first brewery in the UK to brew ale with CITRA hops. Described as a "light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish", this beer certainly had a sharpe acidic smell to it on pouring, and I mean really acidic with lychee and gooseberry overtones. CITRA had a very stronge acidic taste and bitter hoppy flavour to begin with, which followed through to the aftertaste leaving a strong bitter acidic twang in the mouth. This isn't a beer for the faint hearted so if you like a beer that bites back at you, then this is the beer for you. I could certainly see why this beer won the International Beer Challenge in 2011 and 2012. I used it to wash down a dinner of garlic chicken Kievs, buttered Jersey Royal potatoes with chives and mint, and with asparagus and runner beans on the side. I absolutely loved every mouthful of this bitter snappy beer. It really went very well indeed with my meal, washing down the breaded crumbed garlicky chicken, and it even went well with the vegetables and the herby buttered potatoes. I certainly have to get some more of this lovely acidic bitter beer. If only I could remember where I bought it! I also reckon it would be perfect for spicy Thai and Chinese meals and fishy dishes.

Information on the bottle;
Produced by Oakham Ales, in Peterborough. 500ml bottle at 4.6%.

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Chris Small said...

Hi, found your blog while looking around for Weirdoughs (strangely nice tasting).

Anyway, this beer you said you forgot where you got it, i see it all the time in B&M, because i always mistake it for Cider for some reason.