20 May 2014

Cornetto Enigma Cheesecake Glory Ice Cream Cones (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

With all this hot weather we can’t have been the only ones stocking the freezer with suitable summer treats. I was after some Cornettos, and the online search at Tesco brought back a couple of new flavours, one of which was this Cheesecake Glory.
The flavour of strawberry cheesecake is recreated by having two flavours of ice cream, one is strawberry and one just a plain creamy flavour. There is also a strawberry sauce underneath and a crumb topping. The cone is the usual Cornetto cone, lined with chocolate to ensure you ice cream doesn’t drip everywhere!
I really liked the crumb topping, it was very soft and I felt that was a much nice texture than harder biscuit bits. It was spongy, rather than crunchy. The flavour still gave a hint of that digestive base you’d expect which was a nice touch. The ice creams were top notch, and the strawberry was sweet and fruity, and the plain although predominately creamy did have a hint of the bitey flavour you get from cheesecake. The sauce is where it comes alive and it was a fab zingy sharp taste that added a lovely contrast to the softer ice cream flavours. The strawberry flavour was intense, pleasingly so and it was also in plentiful supply.
If we have a good summer I’ll be stocking up on these, ok, if we have a bad summer I’ll still be stocking up on them! :-D
By Cinabar

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