19 May 2014

New: Red Bush and Vanilla Tea (@PGTips) [By @Cinabar]

I was really excited to hear that PG Tips have started a new range of fruit and spiced teas. I do love tea, and it is my main drink at home. At work I’m a coffee drinker, but relaxing cups of tea make a perfect after work or weekend treat. Although I drink PG Tips regulalry for more exotic flavours I’ve previously had to look elsewhere. PG Tips got in touch and asked if we wanted to test out the new varities so we dutifully agreed. Spectre went for the Jasmine variety and thought it was delicate and floral. My mum picked the lemon tea and was impressed at how zesty and refreshing it was. For my sunday afternoon cuppa, I decided to try out the new Red Bush and Vanilla tea. I love that the tea bags have monkey on their label, but it does feel strange then brewing up a flavoured tea with that branding. The tea bags are the usual PG Tips pyramids, to ensure a good tea infusion with the water.
Oh my it smelt lovely while I was waiting for it to finish its brew. The tea made a browny red coloured drink, I have to admit to letting it go quite dark.
The taste was complex in flavour, with the red bush taste shining through. It has a herbal taste, leafy but with a soft after flavour. The vanilla teams up with rather well with it, giving it a divine smooth finish.
I thoroughly enjoyed the tea, and felt it tasted soothing and fresh. I think I’ll follow my mum’s choice next and give the lemon a go, thats sounds rather a refreshing drink for this lovely hot weather.
By Cinabar

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paulham said...

If you like fruit teas, you have to try Typhoo banana & Cinnamon variety. So banana-ey with subtle cinnamon tones.
I found it last week in B&M stores for 39p (20 bags)