12 May 2014

Pizza Hut - X-tremely Meaty (@PizzaHutDeliver) [By @Cinabar]

When I heard there were some new pizza’s available from Pizza Hut’s delivery service, we couldn’t resist ordering for a Saturday night Eurovision treat in. The pizza’s are themed around the new X-men film, in that the box mentions the movie and they have an ‘X’ in their title… and "extreme" amounts of topping. Gosh the webiste for Pizza Hut was shaky on Saturday night, it was very slow running, so I guess a lot of people had the same idea?
The new varieties available are X-tremely Cheesy, X-tremely Meaty and X-tremely Hot. If I’m totally honest the X-tremely Cheesy didn’t appeal. I do like cheese on a pizza, and am happy for a generous hit of the stuff, but the idea of just cheese didn’t sound so eXciting. I ruled out the X-tremely Hot pizza too, again I like a bit of spice and warmth, but an exorbitant amount may have meant a pizza I couldn’t eat without copious amounts of water to put the fire out. So were left by default choosing the X-tremely Meaty version, which sounded eXcellent.
When the pizza arrived I thought it had a good amount of meat topping, but I’m not sure I’d have used the phrase an ‘extreme amount’. Perhaps I’ve just seen Spectre eat quite a few meat feats pizzas with plenty of topping in the past? Don’t get me wrong there was lot sof meat, but heck I could still see some of the pizza base and sauce! :-D
This pizza did have a good selection of goodies although there was not a vegetable in site, as eXpected. We had beef, chicken, ham, pepperoni to name but a few. Each one came through nicely and was quite distinctive. The chicken was tender and moist, and it broke up the flavours nicely, as did the taste of the beef and pepperoni. All of them were recognisable in flavour, and made this a rather tasty pizza. It seemed the perfect accompaniment to the Eurovision song contest, complete with its strange mix of acts, but perhaps we should have put an X-Men film on!
By Cinabar

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