24 May 2014

Rowntree's Randoms Sweet 'n' Sour (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

These Rowntree's Randoms Sweet 'n' Sour are another packet of gummy and foam sweets in a long list of gummies I've tried by Rowntree's of late. These sweets seemed more the epitome of Randoms than any other I have tasted though. Previously the word 'Randoms' meant more the shapes of the sweets. These Sweet 'n' Sour Randoms really mean what they say on the tin (er... well, packet). The fat yellow sour gummies have green goo in their centre and taste of lime and lemon to start with, then when biting into them there was a burst of strong lime squishiness from their centre. The pink and cream coloured Random foams taste of a sweet strawberry ice cream flavour. My favourite shape out of all the Randoms from Rowntree's I've tried has to be the strawberry sweet spaceship foam. I almost couldn't eat it as it was so smart! All the rest of the sugar coated gummies were sours, some with foam and some without. There was raspberry sour red, apple sour green, a very tart sour orange, and a very nose twisty sour black currant.

I really enjoyed these Rowntree's Randoms Sweet 'n' Sour, and couldn't help but pick up random flavours whilst burning my way through the packet to stay with the theme. It could be difficult to tell what some of the shapes were as they were covered in sugar, but they didn't live long enough to get more than a cursory glance anyway. All the gummies and foams tasted naturally fruity, be they sour or sweet, with some even bursting in my mouth. These Rowntree's Randoms Sweet 'n' Sour were a joy to eat. I realise I probably sound a bit of a Rowntree's fanboy, but I do always look forward to breaking open a packet of Rowntree's gummies. And why not indeed? Credit where credit is due! :-)

Information on the packet;
150g packet. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Each 6 sweet serving contained 92 calories, with 0.1g of fat and 16.5g of sugar. Ingredients contained 18% fruit juice, see photograph.
By Spectre

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