28 May 2014

Flaming Hot Coleslaw (@Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This Flaming Hot Coleslaw, no really; Flaming Hot Coleslaw does seem a contradiction in terms. Coleslaw is usually a cooling addition to a salad or sandwich meal, whereas this Flaming Hot Coleslaw has shredded jalapeƱos and mustard added to it. At first glance there is a fairly misleading friendly pinkish colour to the coleslaw. On opening the plastic tub the pinkish contents smelt like regular coleslaw. In fact if it wasn't for the pinkness you wouldn't think anything could be amiss. It's on the tasting that the immediate chilli kick punch and wallop happens. The ingredients make it sound like it really shouldn't be that hot. In fact on first heaped forkful I had to let out a surprised cough, followed by a yelp reminiscent of a kicked puppy. Strangely so did Cinabar and her mom. It was only after quite a few mouthfuls of this juicy tasty spicy hot devil of a coleslaw that we started to get used to the mega chilli heat of it! The taste started with a creaminess followed immediately by a chilli burn that just gets hotter and hotter. I could taste dashings of cabbage and carrot through the chilli haze. My nose tingled begging me to sneeze, my tongue burnt to almost numbness in an oddly pleasurable masochistic way. The three chilli hotness rating on front of the label really doesn't seem hot enough. Cinabar dubbed it the "Little Pot of Death". I'd tend to agree with that, but I'd certainly add that a full pot of this and some Barry Norman's Hot and Spicy Pickled Onions on the side would be a grand way to go!

Information on the label;
300g. Each heaped tablespoon of pink death has 94 calories, with 2.4g of sugar and 8.9g of fat. Ingredients were shredded cabbage, carrot, and jalapeƱo in a mustard mayonnaise dressing (see photograph). Allergy advice contains egg and mustard. Suitable for vegetarians.
By Spectre

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