3 May 2014

Basil Seed Drink (Pinoy Foods) [By @SpectreUK]

This Basil Seed Drink sounded suitability weird when I saw it in a favourite Foodstufffinds haunt of mine in Birmingham Indoor Market. When I cracked open the can back at home and poured it in a glass, this Basil Seed Drink looked pretty weird too! It immediately reminded me of the fairly small pond in the back garden. Early every year we hear the frogs loudy exclaiming that they've read all their library books and then suddenly the pond gets filled with frogspawn. Fortunately this gloomy almost transparent drink full of black seeds looked slightly, and I stress only slightly more appetising than pond water full of frogspawn. Sometimes I have to dredge the pond when it fills up with leaves in the Autumn. The creepy crawly things that I've seen crawling around in the net I just couldn't bring myself to describe on this blog. I would only say that I'd rather not eat them to blog about.

Anyway, back to the Basil Seed Drink... I quickly figured that if this drink really was full of miniature black seeds, then when I drunk it I may be picking seeds out of places for a good long while where I didn't know I had places. Rather like when you go swimming from a sandy beach, and then a couple of days later you find this blob of dried sand somewhere you wish you hadn't found it. My first tentative sip made Cinabar laugh and wish she had a camera. The drink itself tasted like cream soda with lots squishy blobs in it. A bit like drinking sweet frogspawn I suppose. It certainly wasn't a bad tasting drink. In fact if it wasn't for the weird sensation of the squishy seeds blobbing their way down my throat, I would even say I rather enjoyed it. Although, I don't think I'd rush out and buy another can in a hurry.

No frogspawn or tadpoles were injured during the writing this blog.

Information on the can;
Produced by Thai Agri Foods in Thailand. 350ml can. Per 100ml there is 58.9 calories with 0g of fat and 12.7g of sugar. Ingredients included; water, sugar, basil seed (10%), artificial cream soda flavour, and citric acid.

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