27 January 2019

A bag full of beetroot, ready for roasting (Asda) by @NLi10

Sometime you spot something in the supermarket that is a little bit odd, but also could be quite useful.  I have a tendency to gravitate towards oven-cr*p when I can't be bothered to cook a proper meal.  Vegan food that you can prepare this way eradicates the guilt and actually provides nutrition.  Here is something that possibly I can add to the freezer for such occasions.

It's pretty simple - it's chopped up frozen beetroot, for people like me who either can't or won't expend energy on chopping.

Good earthy food with nice branding!

Some of these bits seem a bit larger than I was expecting.  Have they come from the Schroot family farm?

They are also lightly coated - they have built in seasoning so even less effort and potentially more flavour.

If you cook them with Magic Stars and flip them both with the same spatula it looks like the most 18 rated Mario game so far.  GTA Mushroom Kingdom...

Coupled with some (vegan) Fry's schnitzels that are meaty enough to fool my carnivore brain (and so meaty my veggie partner won't touch them) it makes a neat little meal.  The beetroot flavour is present so if you don't like them normally then you won't like this, but it's tapered enough by the cooking that it's actually a nice change from potatos and similar.  We didn't need the stars after-all!

I'll be picking more of these up, unusually from Asda and not Ocado (although I may just not have spotted them).  The resurgence in ethical eating has really helped out my frozen food stash - long may it continue!


Anonymous said...

Oh they look interesting! I've been looking for a way to add another brightly coloured thing to my plate. Thanks for showing them cooked!

I'd love to know what the texture is like with them. Are they different in any way from any other roasted root veg? How much difference does their rice flour batter make?


NLi10 said...

Well, the batter is very, very slight and just adds a crispness and a texture to the outside. They are certainly firmer than your standard pre chopped roast veg. Reviewing the other two bags today!!