26 January 2019

Delirium Belgian Strong Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Delirium Belgian Strong Beer

With warnings of further snow later this week and the rain bucketing down outside I feel I need something to warm me up. Looking into my cavernous beer fridge left by the previous owners of this house, and this Delirium Belgian Strong Beer was staring right back at me. There is a pink elephant on the solid cream speckled bottle of this 8.5% volume beer. It was the colour of the bottle that confused me a little to start with. I prefer my beer to be in brown bottles (or cans, I guess) as traditionally the darker the glass the less likely ultraviolet rays will penetrate the glass and alter the flavour of the beer. Someone really didn't want to alter the flavour of this beer. It's been pretty difficult not to talk about the elephant in the room over the past couple of years, as being British it's not polite to talk about politics. Here is a pink elephant with an invisible beer in an impossible to see through bottle. Asides "triple fermentation" there isn't any other information on the label about this beer….

Just like our bewildering Brexit, it's been purposefully difficult to understand, pitching almost exactly two halves of the country against each other with no clear end of what will happen if we leave or if we don't, why we should leave and why we shouldn't. It does make me wonder if all of the Government drank far two much of this beer at a party sometime ago and started to see pink elephants flying around their heads, whilst the Fantasia them tune was pumped into their ears… and they never stopped seeing them after that or hearing the music, because they simply haven't a clue what's going on either!

Scary stuff… I'm almost scared to open the bottle. I'm definitely scared for the UK and what will happen to it after the end of March. All I know is the very foundation of what I was born as is very possibly about to be stripped away from me, and I may have no right to claim it back. So I opened it… Pink elephants ahoy! It looks like a regular bright golden Belgian wheat beer. It doesn't taste like it though. After a distinctly wheaty start the hops bite on tightly to the tastebuds, and then it's got an alcoholic kick like an angry mule. I can see why too much of this could give you a bizarre headache! Perhaps we all need to stock up on this, as we'll probably need all the pink elephants we can find in the future!

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