11 January 2019

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar (Poundland) by @Cinabar

Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar

First there was the Lion Chocolate Bar, then there was the Lion Breakfast Cereal and now we have the obvious natural progression the Lion Breakfast Cereal Bar. From Lion Bar straight to cereal bar would be a bit weird but since the breakfast cereal got released this seems quite normal. I found these in Poundland by the way, which is always home to some interesting new items and this wasn’t the only new breakfast cereal bars I purchased. More on that next week.
So these Lion Breakfast Cereal Bars look like they have compressed the Lion breakfast cereal together and semi coat the bar in a milk coating. I gave it a try and was impressed by the caramel flavour, this is the taste that stood out and it was sweet and creamy all at once. The chocolate flavour was milder, but added enough to the bar to give it a rich feeling. The texture was neither crisp and crunchy or too soft, but it didn’t quite feel as satisfying as I had hoped. The Lion chocolate bar is such a substantial thing I think I had hoped some of that would have come through in this version, but this was just simply easy to eat. I did like the flavour though, it was pleasingly sweet.
I’m not sure I can really tell you that if you like Lion Chocolate Bars that you will love these, they have an interpretation of the flavour but are quite a different product really. I think if you like the Lion breakfast cereal you should find these a good portable version. I find them handy to take to work and have with a morning coffee.

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