6 June 2024

Cafetto Late Cappuccino - cold coffee for a hot day @NLi10

 At work in the hospital we have loads of coffee shops, all with huge queues.  When I picked up my sandwich I often have to wait behind extravagant coffee orders, and yet - they also sell a pre-made chilled coffee drink! So - I chose one and skipped the hot drinks queue - how bad can it be?!

It’s in a plastic cup, but a thin one so they can put the eco thing on, and it does mean you can recycle it.

It’s not iced though - it’s just cold.

Yup - it’s a coffee flavoured milkshake - we had those in the 80s. They didn’t tend to put much actual coffee in then, but these days caffeine and sugar are big business (and you can’t have them in a cola).

Putting it into a glass felt more civilised, and if I was at home I could have added ice.

Decent enough flavours, but it did lack a certain something. I think I’ll stick to the wonderful coconut milk lates in future, but for a little lunchtime kick without the extra 5 mins in the queue then it was perfect.

Be great for picnics, and also for just popping in the office fridge for emergencies.

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