8 June 2024

Live Beer Stout (Moor Beer Company) By @SpectreUK

Live Beer Stout (Moor Beer Company)

I have a rare treat tonight; steak and chips. So, my Daddy's Brown Sauce and Colman's English Mustard are at the ready. I love a stout to wash down my steak and chips, and in my beer fridge I found this Live Beer Stout, brewed by Moor Beer Company. They were established in 2007 and use live yeast in the fermentation of their beers to help provide their carbonation.

This 5% in volume Live Beer Stout poured almost jet black into my waiting beer glass. There was a roasted chocolate malt and herbal hop aroma from this dark brooding stout. My tastebuds immediately started to salivate. On taste there was luscious chocolate malt with a touch of roasted coffee in the initial flavour, herbal hops provided a cutting bitterness, and then more rich chocolate and roasted coffee flavour into the aftertaste. Perfect with my steak and chips, Live Beer Stout washed down every delicious mouthful an absolute treat.

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